Advanced technology and technical knowledge helped us to meet our customers’ needs and strengthened our core values of exceptional customer services and quality work every day in every project.

Our highly-skilled, cross-trained staff will construct various parts and products, from auto parts to duct tubes and beyond for both home and business.

 We strive for a challenge because we are determined, creative problem solvers.

In 2004, the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston, Texas, wanted a 100-foot-long sculpture, and we met its challenge with a primer focus on our commitment to quality work and customer service. In addition to meeting industry standards and customs, we recognize the importance in complying with the state and federal law. We are a responsible business-citizen,supporting various community groups and activities. At R.S.

Hahn & Sons, your custom sheet metal fabrication needs are our primary focus with exceptional customer service and quality work to you, our valued customer. We will explain the various processes of sheet metal fabrication and its costs, and we will address any other concerns that you may have.

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R.S. Hahn & Sons Sheet Metal Fab.
1131 S. 25th Street
Easton, Pa 18045





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